I Tried To Make It To Church

I tried I really did. All the odds were stacked against us. Daylight savings time, 9a.m. meeting time, 3 uncooperative kids, 1 night owl mom. We slept in too much to make it on time for sacrament meeting{considering it had already started by the time I rolled out of bed} I thought I could make it for primary with ease. NOPE. Not the case here. Maddox was supposed to give the scripture in primary for his first time. I was excited and so was he. We practiced it and I tried to get him to memorize, but he needed my help so we saved it on the ipad and he thought that was cool. Then when we were getting dressed for church, he decided he didn't want to go and did not want to talk in the microphone!!! He was throwing a hulk sized tantrum. I was fighting with him and trying to make him get dressed while he was getting undressed just as quickly. It was not inviting to the spirit that's for sure
 My dad had gone to church early cause he's the branch president for his branch and had accidentally taken my moms car keys with him, so she was just gonna go with me. She got Jaxyn dressed and fixed her hair to help me out. which NEVER happens on a Sunday. Kobe got dressed with little fuss from him
{which is rare} He even let me put a tie on him which is even more rare. I got dressed, and after looking for the shoes that were taken off in different rooms and putting them back on the kids I loaded everyone into the car, & I glanced at the clock. It said 9:25, but it was really 10:25. How did this happen? I had help from my mom? I didn't wash my hair? Kobe didn't throw a fit?
I shook my head and said forget it.  I stopped the car abruptly and then said we are going home. I was having a terrible horrible no good very bad day. We'll try again next week

Here is proof that we really tried to go to church

 This is called a princess pose {like you didn't already know}

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