Mama & Boose Day

Maddox had an appointment to see the surgeon at Primary Children's Medical Center on Monday for a follow up to the casting we did over the summer. Mostly because he started walking on his toes again, like all the time on his toes. It started off as just sporadically, but gradually it became constant. He didn't want to go trick or treating for very long because his feet hurt, & he won't walk or run long distances. When I say long distances I don't mean marathon stuff, I mean like any further than to the car from a store. He always wants to sit in the stroller or shopping cart. At least after he's been walking for a while. Jaxyn and Kobe don't complain of fatigue so I know I'm not making him walk to much for a child his age. He is also super duper slow too, it's so annoying!!!!
The Doc told me he needs surgery for sure. It is physically impossible for him to walk flat footed. It hurts him even more than being on his toes. He said the wiring in his brain is sending his body wrong signals, & as a result his muscles and tendons are super tight & will not bend at all. It is strange seeing a grown man trying to bend a 5yr olds foot the way it is meant to bend and not be able to do it. (I am not just a weakling wuss after all)  He told me since it is not life threatening or anything like that I can choose when we do it in order to fit my & Boose's schedule. He advised me to wait though. He said the new tendons won't grow with him and with kids rapid growth he will most likely have to have it done again. He said his recommendation would be to wait until his age is in the double digits.
I left the hospital happy that he won't have to have surgery right away, but sad that he will have to walk like a goon for the next 5 years at least.
His toe walking might be a symptom of the aspergers/OCD that I have had many a doctor and professional tell me they think he has a lot of the criteria that meets it. The neurologist at PCMC said she would wait to get a diagnosis when he is in kindergarten. Well, he has kindergarten assessment in two weeks, and based on what they say I may or may not have to seek an official diagnosis. 
We did have a fun time together in Salt Lake. Maddox was so excited to have a mama and Boose day. We planned it before we left. He had to ask me everyday for 2 weeks what day it was, & what day we were going. He wanted to ride the train downtown and go swimming Sunday night. Then he wanted to go to the Zoo on Monday after the appt. Well the appt. was changed from 9am to 2pm, so we didn't have as much time in the morning, also it was super cold outside. We ended up at the Discovery Children's Museum. He LOVED it. He had so much fun. He loved the 1 on 1 time with me as well. Then we went to his Dr. appt. and went on a quick shopping trip, & came home. We were supposed to be the "people" on Sunday for Kenz and Kody, but baby Mav was discharged that morning, which was good. No GREAT!!!
 He told me this was the "Pilot Pose". It looks like he thinks helicopter pilot's are Fab-U-lous
 Breaking News with Maddox Smith
 He yelled at a little girl trying to fill gas after he did, cause "the tank is already full, it's gonna spill everywhere"

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