Brothers Don't Shake Hands, Brothers Gotta Hug

I haven't blogged or F.B.'d yet about my Baby Bro.{Jaorn Chett} leaving for his 2nd tour in Afghanistan on Sunday. I have been in loser denial about it. It isn't as long {It's only 9 months} as last time, but I still worry about him and all his fellow soldiers. Even though growing up we were like cats and dogs living together, I still love him very much, & worry.  He was recently married in July and his wife is now alone in Georgia. I wish she could move here and not have to be alone. I know both of my parents are worried about him even more than I am, & miss him more than I do. He & Ronnie weren't able to come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We haven't seen them {in person} since July. My kids love their "Cool Chett" and "Aunt Wonnie" And are praying for his safe return.

In other baby brother news I'm going to be an aunt. A legit aunt this time, not an aunt through marriage {I do love my niece and nephews on the ex-in law side, and will always consider them my family} But this spawn will be blood related. I am so excited for this baby, even though I am not excited for Sally's next 9 months. Not because I know how hellish it will be for her. It's purely selfish, its because I know I will have to deal with a pregnant Sal. She is my best friend, & worst enemy. We love each other very much and spend a LOT of time together. We also fight like real sisters too. We always make up though. We have discussed this many many times. We both know that no matter what is said in anger we love each other, and not to take anything to heart. I am so excited for them to have a baby. Sally wants a girl, Gavin wants a boy. Everybody thinks it will be a boy. Maddox has decided it IS a boy, and that his name will be "Smash", his favorite color will be yellow, and he will be HIS best friend. Congratulations you guys, boy or girl,l it will be a beautiful wonderful perfect child. {with the bestest Aunt Tal in the world}
Baby Smash's first pic

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