The Happiest Place On Earth, Like For Reals Tho

Last weekend we went to So.Cal for my cousin Jocelyn's wedding. It was a beautiful event, with an even beautifuller bride.{I know beautifuller isn't a real word} While we were in the neighborhood the whole fam damily decided to go to Disneyland. My Dad. and Uncle Brad LOVE Disneyland. I said they should hold balloons and hands and skip through the park. I don't think either of them liked the idea, but whateves. It really would've been funny to see two 50 year old men skipping through the park. However, 
nobody had a better time in Disneyland than Mr. Kobe Jay. He loves that place, all kids do. 
I absolutely love taking my kids there for a few reasons

Disneyland treats special needs kids like royalty:

They really do. They are so over accommodating to them. All the cast members talk to him, and ask him questions, and best of all they help! They actually help, they help to calm him down & make his experience much better. Which in turn makes my experience much better. Thank you Disney cast members for turning off the engines to Lightening McQueen and Mater without me even asking. Thank you for offering special devices so Kobe could drive the bumper cars on his own. Thank you for helping us off the rides and giving Kobe high fives and fist bumps and asking him if he loved the ride, even though you know he cant talk.Thank you for going out of you way to make it a magical place for EVERY child!
  • Disability Pass:
This isn't an I'm pretending I'm hurt so I'm limping, or sitting in a wheelchair cause I'm to lazy, or fat to walk around the park pass. It's a legit pass for special needs kids. It helps alleviate meltdowns and wait times. It's changed from years past, but it's still better than nothing. It's almost like a fastpass, but we get to choose the scheduled times. The wait time for the "Radiator Springs Racers" was 2hrs, YIKES! We were in line for 10 minutes. I did schedule it an hour in advance so we did wait, just not in the line. People were staring at us like  "you dirty sons of bitches"  My mom said she felt bad cause we didn't have to wait like the other people did. I told her to shut her pie hole, & not to feel bad. Their kids are all typical and will be for the rest of their lives. This is just one teeny tiny perk that is given to us for Kobe having Autism. I would much rather have Kobe be typical and have to wait in long lines like a sucker!
  • Maddox, and Jaxyn:
Kids model their older siblings, so for these two it has been a struggle to teach them that they cannot act like their older brother. They are finally getting to an age where they are outgrowing this, but it's still there. It's hard for some people to understand that it extremely common for the younger siblings to mimic the autistic traits. I sometimes don't give them attention that I give Kobe, and I have a constant guilt about that. So I buy their forgiveness with tickets to Disneyland ;) At Disneyland they are happy and joyous not only for themselves, but they too love seeing the joy brought to Kobe. They know that he watches hours and hours of you tube videos of all the rides, and they know which characters he likes. They join him in dancing like clowns in Cars Land while singing "Life could be a Dream(shaboom)" The best part is, there is almost no fighting or whining in Disneyland (until we leave)

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